Michele Alexandria

"My Life Coaching experience with Michele has not only helped me to achieve goals, but more importantly she has enabled me to discover who I am. Michele has increased my self confidence which has allowed me to totally increase my value in the workplace, as well as, enriching my personal life in a number of ways. I just wish I wouldn’t have waited so long to visit with Michele and experience how she has changed my life."  

-Janelle Fischer, Director of Operations, La Jolla Wellness Studio

So...what was the first question you asked yourself, before you began your search, and ultimately ended up HERE?

Thank you for showing up!  

"Sometimes you have to step outside of the person you’ve been, and remember the person you were meant to be, the person you would like to be, the person you truly are."

So what does that look like?  What will it take?  How willing are you to listen to that inner voice? Not the one that is screaming all sorts of nonsense about who you "think you are", but the real voice that is giving you an "AWARENESS"that something has to change.  NOW! 

You keep saying to yourself, I "know" there is SO MUCH MORE to who I am and what I can experience."  You are aching for a real change, a shift, beyond where you are.

My gift is the ability to communicate with your "SOUL'S VOICE"and assist you in coming back into alignment with the person YOU TRULY ARE.


Every day most of us strive to do and be the best we can be.  However, what if what you are striving for isn’t really what you inherently desire, or being the best you can be has nothing to do with what your true "GREATNESS" is.  

What if there was a road you could take that would change the way you perceived your life, your relationships, your business and your world, beyond anything you could begin to imagine.  What if it all began with just one thing…A question.

Let me be the one who asks that question…
and let the Journey begin!!!

 Blessings and Gratitude,





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